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You Keep Getting a “No”. Try this!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

When was the last time you got a “no”?  Ouch! It stings, right? You guys, I am all too familiar with “no” and that feeling of being stuck in rejection and shame. Not too long ago, I made a shift. A big part of this involved learning to get comfortable with “no”. I bet you are thinking, “I am not a risk taker. I like to play it safe.” Trust me, I get it. I am here to make this shift with you. Are you ready for it?  But first, let’s just set one thing straight:

All “no” really means is your next opportunity for redirection.


Please do me a favor. Read this one more time and internalize it. If you can do “redirection”, then you can handle any risks associated with your next “no”!! Remind yourself, there is never one way of doing something , just one job opportunity, only one method for solving. Ladies, we should not get it right the first time. We must create authentic opportunities for redirection so we can craft new vision.

"Rejection triggers fear, frustration, and ultimately avoidance. Many times, we are not successful because we avoided every attempt to try."

I will never forget my most recent “no”. It was a “not really”  kind of “no”. “The risk far exceeds the reward,” I was told. You see, I wasn’t supposed to be like the others who unsuccessfully tried a similar business model. Leadership, vision, and strategy is not a one size fits all. Instead, shift and with redirect. Keep scrolling and learn how I embrace “no”s as a new way to excel my leadership.

Key Concepts

“No” is your best opportunity to redirect

Give yourself permission to make mistakes

Success comes from making bold decisions 

Behind every “no” is a personal invitation to  teach yourself something new

Rejection Vs. Redirection

  1. Rejection triggers fear, frustration, and ultimately avoidance. Many times, we are not successful because we avoided every attempt to try. 

  2. Try this: Draw a road map with a big, beautiful fork smack dab in the middle of your road. Draw yourself standing at the end of the road with a victory flag. Now back track.  On the left, jot all your negative feelings from being rejected and draw an ‘X’ on top. Yep, these are all real and valid, but not useful for redirecting. On the right, jot your vision and all the ideas that excite you. Do you see how we re-directed that rejection?

  3. What is one bold step you can take today to get you closer to that victory line? 

Be Bold.

Being bold means saying “yes” when you don’t have all the answers. Being bold is an act. It’s a decision to say “yes” and to commit to everything that follows. What if I told you the boldest move I made was 3 years ago when I left my career as a classroom teacher to pursue a business? I had no idea how this would unfold, yet here I am today redirecting over and over again.

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