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Living the Quarantine Life


These strings of pearls are growing in my kitchen and they are the most beautiful cascading succulents I have ever seen. Their growth requires precise care, a certain amount of sunlight, and adequate drainage. They are watered every 7-10 days. I love the challenge of keeping this plant alive, watching the new pearls form and the strands become longer. BUT it is such hard work, and new growth takes forever!


We are quarantin-ing (way harder than growing these strings of pearls!!) We are isolated and disconnected. I hear you saying “this needs to be over.”’ I hear you! I really do. I am struggling just as much as you. I launched a business expansion 2 days before quarantine. I am determined to push through, and if I can, so can you. Scroll to learn more.

My best friend Melanie came to visit me at work last week. Her car pulled up. My heart was racing. It exploded. Seeing her literally brought me to tears. We talked for 45 minutes on the phone, through the large storefront window of the wine shop. I watched her laugh and smile through the glass. Eventually she got out of her car and stood right in front of me. I will remember this day for a lifetime. That feeling when I saw Melanie’s car pull up made me feel alive again for the first time in weeks.


I literally said aloud to myself. “I can’t do 4 more weeks of this.” I didn’t even consider“how”, I “just can’t!” I know so many of you are with me. No more quarantine!!! Enough. Time to re-shift. Let’s rethink 4 weeks, one strand, one pearl at a time.

  1. Pick 1 thing you need.  Let's call this “the string” from my favorite plant. This is your core value. Write it down. “I need laughter and girlfriend time.”

  2. Name your “pearls” (moments, actions, people, places) that will keep you alive. We will call this growth because you are moving toward a need. “I need more  Melanie time!!”

  3. Act. Do something. Put 1 pearl on the calendar for this week. “Schedule a window call with Melanie on Tuesday.”

  4. Repeat 1-3

Tell me all the ways you are finding those pearls! I can’t wait to hear about your ideas and progress. Let's stay in touch, share your stories, and let’s push through this quarantine together!!!!

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