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Creating a Calm Environment

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Your physical environment matters. What if I told you that your success is linked to your environment. My work productivity increased the better I felt in my home office. I know you’re thinking I can’t justify *this* purchase, or my money should be spent elsewhere. Start small, re-purpose what you have, and remind yourself your space should inspire you. You are worthy of a space that sparks your creativity. Keep reading to learn my tips for creating a functional space that speaks to you. 

Alright, let's go! I can’t wait to help you get started. I am here to help you get ahead of those barriers to your progress. As you craft your work space, keep me in the loop. I love a decorating challenge. Ask me questions, snap pictures, shoot me an email. Remember this is about ensuring you are thriving as a leader, and it starts at home.



Don’t overthink this! 

Your choices aren’t permanent

It’s about trial and error

Start small


  1. Trust me on this one! Start in your closet. What colors do you gravitate to when you buy clothes? Here are the colors you can integrate. Once I did this, I found a my go-to pallet (teal, grey, yellow). Choose one of these as your accent color that pops, the rest will be background blends of color.

  2. Your paint color does not have to box you in. Go with a light, neutral color. It makes life easier. Light grey is my go to. But since color can be tricky and dependent on how the light hits, give yourself permission to slab a big paint swatch on three different sections of your room. And if you get the color wrong the first time, no big deal. Remember, it’s trial and error.

  3. Aim for functional storage instead of traditional furniture. I purposely opted out of a traditional coffee table that was big and difficult to move. I snagged two circle ottomans with lids. These are stuffed with kids toys for weekends, and topped with a tray for me to set my laptop for office days. 

  4. Pay attention to texture. I am obsessed with varying textures. When creating my office space, I choose a matte, distressed looking rug, velvety chair, pillows with fringes and loops, bumpy glass vases, textured wood trays, faux leather ottoman, steel mirrors. You don’t want too matchy matchy. All these visual cues make me love my work environment that much more.


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